Our company

As Samad, the most trusted refurbished electronics company. For As Samad 2 most important things are first quality and secondly customer satisfaction. Each and every product is carefully sourcing from vendors and choose the best products.

We have been serving Indian IT Industry for last more than 8 years. Our Hardware solutions and timely support services are liked & referred by our clients. Timely Support and Expert Technical services are always the focused area for us.

Our Services

  • 1-year on-site warranty
  • 10 days replacement
  • Cash on delivery
  • 24x7 dedicate remote technical support

What is refurbished?

Most of the people have a confusion regarding new electronics and refurbished electronics. Refurbished products are basically those electronics which are returned to the seller because of some manufacturing and functioning defect. The seller then repairs and fix again under the industrial standards and sold again at low price.

Why do buy refurbished products?

Refurbished laptops are a great way to cut down expense otherwise you have to bear an immediate expense. Customers can typically save between 20 to 50% on refurbished electronics, but sometimes they are discounted for more than 50%.

Why from us?

  • We are Authorized seller of laptops and desktops
  • Original Microsoft license window with original Microsoft sticker
  • Affordable and low cost
  • As good as new
  • High quality
  • Latest version
  • Fully inspected
  • Quality check up to 47 times
  • Big brand available in budget
  • Worth to money performance


As Samad is the Information Technology Company. Our mission is to provide relevant skills and practical exposure. A company where you can discover your interest and convert into your career. A company where your practical knowledge matters more than your degree. A company you don’t have to wait till 22 to step in your first job experience.

With As Samad, you can convert your dream into reality


We are providing you endless opportunities where you can learn and earn. We promise to give you the best exposure that boost your career. Our mission and values help you to get a great experience and this experience will bring you many opportunities in the future. Extensive training programs help you to continually expand your skills and knowledge.

Friendly Environment

We conduct our business with proper ethics, honestly and follow all social responsibilities and provide transparency to our employee. We do not show any kind of hierarchy, we work like a team. We respect and understand our employee. We provide them a friendly environment so they grow without stress and they can learn more and more because our main focus on employee learning.

Stress-free working

We believe in fun-filled culture so that your performance will go to next level. We celebrate birthdays, festivals, parties and many more occasions such like that.

We always appreciate our employee for their best performance, when they achieve their target and for their innovative work.

Our management always available for help, advice and motivate employee so they never feel de-motivate and helpless.

So in this world we never promise that you always have good days because when you don’t face challenges you never be grow. Higher the risk higher profit.

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