These headphones are clear about their purpose. They’re not really for at-home use, they’re not for DJs and they make absolutely sure they’re cheaper than the similar-sized Beats model.

The Logitech Ultimate Ears UE 4000 are plastic headphones with synthetic leather ear pads. There’s nothing too luxurious about their construction, but Logitech has paid some particular attention to how they’ll be used.

The headband is made of squidgy rubber material rather than fabric-topped foam, and this increases friction to keep them on your head while you’re jogging. Or bouncing around to Bieber.

To further increase their grip on your bonce, the headband has a secure grip, which reduces comfort a little. The comfy leatherette-topped earpads are quite firm too. The Logitech Ultimate Ears UE 4000 are not headphones that disappear on your head.

The Ultimate Ears UE 4000 headphones use a removable cable that plugs into a standard-size 3.5mm socket in the left earcup. This lets you replace a damaged cable easily.

Over-emphasis of mid-bass results in a congested mid-range that severely limits separation. Match this with pronounced treble roll-off and you’re left with headphones that can often sound confused and closed-in.

In less abstracted terms, vocals that should take centre stage are often left fighting for presence with bass instruments, as too much of the work is done by the ill-judged mid-bass. To tone things down further, arrangements often end up sounding squished together.

Eye-catching design

Removable cable

Secure fit

Removable cable

In-line remote

40mm dynamic driver


Sound Output Mode                            Stereo

Frequency Response                           20 Hz

Sensitivity                                         92 dB

Impedance                                        32 Ohm

Diaphragm                                        1.6 in



Type                                               On-cable

Sensitivity                                       -42 dB

Response Bandwidth                        100 Hz

Microphone Form Factor                   Built-in


Audio Controls                                Answer/end, play/pause, volume

Controls                                         Volume, answer/end, play/pause


Qty                                               1

Type                                             Headphones

Connector Type                             Mini-phone 3.5 mm 4-pole


Included Accessories                      carrying pouch

Included Accessories                      Carrying pouch


Brand                                            Ultimate Ears

Product Line                                   UE

Model                                            4000


Width                                            6.6 in

Depth                                            2.4 in

Height                                            7 in

Weight                                          4.59 oz GENERAL

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